Changing theme

As you (4 people) see, I had to change blog theme: they added flowers to the former one (Neat!).

While choosing a new one, I wrote down some hints:

  • Black-LetterHead has a black background, like a teenage fanboy’s website;
  • Regulus is customizable but one can not set, as a header, an image previosly uploaded on wordpress;
  • Benevolence sets all text to uppercase;
  • ChaoticSoul, I had rendering troubles with its header;
  • Contempt seems good, but has too light colors;
  • many had icons, I dislike them.

I picked Sapphire, not the best, but none was.

I am planning to move to a custom web hosting service. Thanks, but I miss too many features here (not only graphical ones).

Edit: the unordered list in this post is rendered in a poor way (with my Firefox 2 on Win XP), best view after clicking the post title.

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2 comments on “Changing theme

  1. Mana says:

    Washme 2.0: Looks good, but has no tag or widget support, forces all images in a post to be aligned to the left, renders “quote” style paragraphs awfully and has issues with line spacing when using lists and/or italics. I might change too, I don’t know what to yet.

  2. Mana says:

    Well, I got no reply from the author of Washme 2.0 regarding possible updates, so I added tag and widget support to it manually (it was actually very easy) and tweaked the CSS enough to eliminate most of the issues I had with it. I guess I’ll keep using it for now 🙂

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