Italian plumbing

No, I’m not writing about Super Mario.

In Italy, the most common drunk water is mineral water. Despite having a real cheap public water system (public not everywhere, they made it private somewhere), people buy PET bottled water.

The Romans were the first to build aqueducts, but water business here is a big source of income (and expense), despite that the law and safety checks are stricter for public water.

Why am I writing that? Because I can bear with the use of bottled mineral water, but finding advertisements of the Winx franchise on the label it’s too much.

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3 comments on “Italian plumbing

  1. J_B says:

    Let’s be honest. I many places the water from the public system is disgustful. It probably does respect all possible health parameter but the amount of chlorine is just too high. In such cases buying bottled water is not an option, is a must!

    A completely different problem is the foolishly high price of most water brands and the foolishly low price they have to pay to access (most of the time excluding even people that lives nearby) to most of natural springs.

    Another different problem is the Winx (but not only) advertisement that pop up everywhere. 🙂

  2. luindir says:

    Right, in Imola we are lucky, there is a quite good water here (i never drink bottled water at home), but in Bologna it’s impossible to drink from taps. What about Winx… Say that you don’t believe in fairs, don’t beat hands, and pray you got the right one! 🙂

  3. grenadier says:

    Just to say that I used to drink water from the tap in Bologna (for years!), and nothing bad happened… At least I think.
    I missed (oh deary me!) the Winx ad. I regret it. I really do.

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