The Heart of Everything

Two weeks ago I attended a live performance of the dutch group Within Temptation. The performance was great, despite the absence of the lead guitarist and the small size of the hall. We were few, maybe 300, but we were all fans.

The evening storyboard was:

  • reach the “Parco nord”, something like an empty parking lot, but without concrete (so, dirty shoes)
  • wait to reach the box office, I had the ticket got from advance sale but they told me “you must go to the box office before enter”, but that was useless (It was possible to enter with that kind of ticket)
  • attend the performance of Italian metal group Novembre (the supporting band): their sound is good but I dislike male voices. Even more I smiled when the singer stirred up people talking like an animator then soon started to growl. (I lettori italiani possono immaginare un animatore romagnolo che urli “su le mani tutti!”)
  • start jumping, screaming and everything else must be done when a great band is on the stage

It was clear they are a well-tested band, I was lucky to discover them one year ago via YouTube, someone used their song “Angels” as score for a videogame montage.

The video below is the first track from The Heart of Everything (I like much more he Silent Force album, but both are great)

Side note for Italian readers: l’Estragon a Bologna non è proprio il massimo per un concerto del genere, oltre a non essere molto grande ha anche una pessima acustica in alcune zone, fortunatamente io sono riuscito a piazzarmi bene.

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2 comments on “The Heart of Everything

  1. [[ ]] says:

    I just can’t imagine you jumping and screaming….

  2. […] then moved to older hits: half of the show was much like The Heart of Everything tour (or at least, the date at the Estragon in Bologna). I don’t know if most of the audience was there for the new album only, but I had a lot of […]

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