Largo al factotum

He is a barber, everyone asks for him, everyone wants him. But he is not Figaro from Rossini’s opera. He is Sweeney Todd, frighteningly played by Johnny Depp.

The performers are great, mostly the two young lovers. The musical is astonishing, the first half is funny and insane at the same time (the second half is insane and not funny at all), lyrics and music are great. Forget about lonely goatherd and edelweiss (I love that musical too), Sweeney Todd is full of blood, death and wickedness.

Unusually and luckily, the Italian version is dubbed only in the spoken part, all the songs were left in the original version with subtitles in Italian.

It is a devastating story about love and madness, madness born from an irrepressible love (or lust). There is an intense close-up of Depp/Todd that involved me a lot. If you never felt like Todd in that scene at least once in your life, then you resigned from mankind.

Are you still wondering if it is worth to watch? It’s directed by Tim Burton. Period.

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