Dubbing multiverse / 2

Science fiction series seems to have the same pool of voice actors for Italian dubbing. I reported about Giancarlo Rossi dubbing both Patrick Stewart in Star Trek and John de Lancie in Stargate SG-1. Tonight I watched an old episode of Highlander, starring Adrian Paul dubbed, again, by Giancarlo Rossi.

That is not astonishing like the performance by Sergio Di Stefano, dubber of Jonathan Frakes in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate: SG-1 and Hugh Laurie in House M.D.

I noticed that for the first time when Riker in Star Trek stopped the technobabble by LaForge and asked for a clear answer, just like Jack O’Neill in SG-1.

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2 comments on “Dubbing multiverse / 2

  1. Guido says:

    i noticed the same thing. if the original actor has a normal voice w/ nothing special about it, the actor gets dubbed in a generic italian voice that gets the job done. but if the original has something striking about it, it gets an equally striking italian voice.

  2. Guido says:

    also all young male characters get dubbed by the same guy.

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