Lost and found

I am using WSDL4J for my graduation thesis and I had troubles finding type definitions imported by the WSDL being parsed.

After one week of searching, debugging and curses I found it.

It was “very simple”:


get the first element (a Vector), get the first element of the Vector then


How was I so blind?

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3 comments on “Lost and found

  1. […] So, I must do my work (digging code) much more instead of trying to find some mythological API […]

  2. Abhishek says:

    Sir I m also working with wsdl4j package for parsing a wsdl file.. i could not extract the datatypes of the wsdl file alone.. can u please help or send the code to parse a wssdl file.. thank you

    • Giuseppe says:

      As I stated in my next post about that, the only way I found was using Axis SymbolTable class, and it worked well only for simple types. If you dig the code of Apache Axis you will find a comment in the type management method sounding like “this part is mess”.

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