I may be tired of using technology

Long time since my last post. Many things happened in the meantime.

  • I worked on a book chapter based on the research I did for my thesis (I am waiting for the “accepted/rejected” answer)
  • I updated SoloWiki Editor, more additions are planned for the near future
  • I started hunting for a job, both in the academic and the “real” world
  • I was on holiday in August: a lot of sea, good food and the best company (I may post a report about that)

For the next weeks I plan to:

  • finish and polish a small puzzle game using Ogre 3D (I already implemented it using OpenGL long time ago)
  • check academic opportunities all over Europe
  • attend the first Italian Videogame Developers Conference

.. so, sorry for the rare updates but I prefer to post once in a while about interesting things rather than to post every day about the weather or news you can find elsewhere.

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