Cilta English course / 1

This month I started (as student) an English course at the Cilta.

It is a level C1 course held by Liz McIlvanney. It is a level I in the Cilta scale and it is labeled as I 117.

I’m posting a recap for people who missed some classes.

The first lesson (October 12) was about inversion: “Not only was I injuried, but also I had to keep running”. (pages 40-41 in the course book). The conversation was about books: book genres (mystery, etc), books you loved/hated and why.

In the second lesson (October 14) we talked about book reviews and the use of participle clauses to avoid long sentences: “Knowing the truth about his heritage, the prince felt ashamed”. (pages 48-49) Homework: write a book/movie review (positive or negative) at least 250 characters long, using the same structure of the review in the course book; try to fix a poorly translated text (given).

In the third lesson (October 26) the task assigned was to summarize and comment a newspaper article about something legal (a trial, a law proposal, crime statistics). Homework: write a summary and a comment about one of the given articles.

Fourth lesson (October 28) was about translations: troubles while translating, changes added by the translator, dubbing, simultaneous translation, etc. (pages 42-43)


  1. while writing, use a double space between lines or leave big margins on the side
  2. the book review is required as a writing sample, maybe for examination purposes.
  3. the course book is sold in various packages: book only, book + cd, book + exercises + cd and so on: we need just the main book. I bought it from paying no more than 25 € (instead of the 37 € for the pack found at Feltrinelli).

I’m loving this course, if you’re a student at UniBo or you graduated less than 2 years ago I strongly suggest you to try it next semester.

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