Cilta English course / 4

Last post about the course. I’m in a hurry so this is just a quick recap of the last classes and a note about the final exam.

Note: I missed a couple of classes in December.

  • December, 7: Analysis of the review about the Gladiator; p. 68 (all), 69 (1e, 2a). Homework: book pages 64,65 and 67; writing an essay about pros and cons of a subject.
  • December, 14: p. 72 about moden art (all), 73 (2b, 2d). Homework: p. 149
  • December, 21: various listening.
  • January, 11: there is no lesson today (as stated in the e-mail you should have received)
  • January,  13: Lucy replaces Liz just for today; p. 76 (all),77 (3a,3b), 150 about medical vocabulary, gerunds and infinitives. Homework  p. 74,75.
  • January, 18: exercises about medical vocabulary; p. 88,89 (everything but 3),90(4a) about pets.

What’s next:

  • January, 20: at least 4 presentations (one is mine)
  • January, 21: more presentations (at least 5)
  • Final exam is scheduled for next week. There may be a change of date from Tuesday to Wednesday, Liz will let us know. One day (Tuesday or Wednesday Thursday) is for writing+speaking, the other one (maybe Thursday Tuesday) for reading+listening. The exams will be taken in the same rooms and hours of the course. The missing presentations will be done Wednesday in room 5.

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