DALT Spring School 2011

I’m back from the DALT Spring School and the first thing that comes into my mind is “It was great”.

The setup in Bertinoro was perfect, thanks to the staff, and the school was very interesting. The lecturers covered many interesting topics and a couple of brand new ideas spawned into my mind while listening. All of them were very helpful and patient and guided us through cutting edge technologies and theories.

Apart from the educational aspects, all the people there was amazing: lecturers, staff members and, last but not least, my fellow students. We shared our academic experiences, we talked about the most various topics (relativity, human behaviour, history, rugby just to mention few) and we had a lot of fun. I can’t ever remember all the jokes that Peter McBurney told us at dinner, and he is the same lecturer that presented complex theories in the morning. The only things I regret are not being able to talk to everyone (we were 60 people and we had time to talk only while eating) and, due to the noise in the restaurants, having missed the chance to be part of some discussions that looked very interesting and/or funny.

I cannot mention all the great people who was there, but at least I can say thanks to Andreas from Vienna, Federico from Argentina, Gabriel from Belgium, Nando from New Mexico and Neda from Texas: I talked to them a lot and they were so kind not to hit me due to my rusty English and too many (Irish) coffee breaks.

If you want more infos on the school, check its website.

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