-3 to laptop resilience

After Sigfried and Leonidas, both crippled in the mechanic of their displays, now even Hector (almost 1 year old) is injuried: the battery is gone. I had a probem with the battery few months ago but it was (apparently) solved by the help desk. I think the real problem relies in the AC adapter instead than the battery, so I’m sending the young trojan prince to the support.

I’m backing up all the data and moving back to Camelot, so if some reader is working with me on something, please give me the time to setup everything again.

Anyways, I’m done with the “unlucky hero” dinasty: I’m accepting suggestions about the new set of names for my computers.

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2 comments on “-3 to laptop resilience

  1. JB says:

    Qui, Quo e Qua?

  2. Massimiliano says:

    The last time I had to name a set of machines I launched a planetarium app and I chose the names of the stars which were near to the zenith. I know most of stars’ names are from greek mythology, but I usually think to the star first.

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