Internet done wrong

I’m struggling with at least 2 cases in which Internet and its tools have been used in a poor or even wrong way.

First, there is a payment platform out there that requires Paypal or bank transfer. Only when the Paypal transfer fails, they give you the chance to pay with a credit card. Given that Paypal requires a bank transfer to recharge the account, I don’t see the point. (Yes, I know that you can link a credit cart to Paypal, but then I don’t see why adding a layer instead of having a direct credit card charge).

The other case is even worse. First, if you put constraints in the fields of a form, you should state what the constraints are, or at least display an error message when the wrong data is submitted. Instead, they let you complete all the steps and then the website goes back to page 1 of the form, without saying what the problem was. Then, you should double check the label associated with each field, not just copy&paste other labels, especially if the user is unable to modify the data when the confirmation page (with the correct field labels) is showed.

At last, if you have a “pay online with credit card” and “send us the form by fax or email” as options, you should at least have a complete downloadable form, not just pieces of it, and you should check that the credit card service returns a meaningful error and not just “error”.

Last but not least, then website of my bank, which is advertised as 24/7, never works at night, and it has missing features (you click the feature and it goes back to the main page).

Then, the solution is bank transfer, which takes days (given the premises). A medieval bill of exchange may be better.


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